Online marketing

Google and Social Media

Online marketing

Why do we like to manage your Google and Social Media campaigns?

Tired of never being found on Google or paying a lot of money to advertising that doesn't get ROI?

Don't get likes or comments or followers on your Social Media (FaceBook and Instagram) pages?

Then you've come to the right place. More and more clients and companies have understood and hired us to manage their Google and Social Media campaigns.

Follow-up and management

Managing your Google and Social Media campaigns?

We will manage and optimize your campaigns weekly or 2-weekly. These are put online after a thorough market research. 

Every time at the beginning of the month you will receive a report / email from us with the results. 

In consultation, we can then increase and reduce the budgets so that you are in the most optimal situation.

(very important: we do not guarantee sales but online visibility)

Pre-launch of your project/ service or product

We can also help you pre-launch your project/service or product.

We do this by getting people/interested parties to subscribe to newsletters for which we create a special page (for example, with a coupon attached to it) and by making people already warm on your social media platforms ...

Contact us today

We like to manage your Google and Social Media campaigns 🙂

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